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Employee Ownership Day 2016!

We are very excited to celebrate Employee Ownership Day 2016! the 1st of July 2016 marks the fourth annual UK EO Day as we come together to celebrate as a team the way in which our company is run.EODAY

The roots of our company start with Robert Hirsch, originating from Germany, Robert came to the UK  prior to World War II to escape the persecution of the Jews. He went on to meet a Cambridge glassblower named Goldwin, and together in 1950 they set up the company now known as Camlab. Robert employed local craftsmen and delivered the glassware on his bicycle to local scientific businesses.


Robert and his wife looked after their employees well, helping them out if they needed aid and rewarding them generously for their hard work. To secure the future well-being of the company and it’s workers, the couple established the Hirsch Trust which was set up on behalf of the Camlab employees. Shares of the company were given out to the employees as we transitioned to an employee owned business.

Sixty five years after Camlab was set up, the philosophy and culture here is still very much the same. The Hirsch Trust is still going strong with employees directly benefiting from their own hard work and the work of their colleagues. There are many advantages to being Employee Owned with each employer adding value and having the opportunity to be innovative and improve the company’s future. We strive to achieve great things as a team and all benefit from a share in Camlab’s success.

Celebrating in the office!
Celebrating in the office with Cake!

#EODay 2016