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Electronic Bowie Dick Test from Ebro with the EBI15

With the EBI 15 System, ebro® is introducing a very economical alternative Bowie & Dick Test. Using modern electronic data recording, the EBI 15 delivers a clear result (“passed” / failed”). The EBI 15 can be used for 500 test cycles . After 500 cycles, the logger is serviced and calibrated and is then ready for further use for a further 500 cycles

EBI 15 Bowie Dick Logger
EBI 15 Bowie Dick Logger

The ebro® EBI 15 Electronic Bowie-Dick Test and Batch Control PCD (Process Challenge Device) is a measuring system consisting of two temperature sensors and one pressure sensor. Errors such as an air injection into the sterilization chamber, leakage or faulty evacuation (retention of residual air in the chamber) are reliably detected. Both the vacuum phase and the sterilization phase of the sterilizer are monitored without interruption. The data is saved in an internal memory and can be logged in a sequence of 1 s. After the wireless data transfer to the computer, the data is evaluated with the software Winlog.med or Winlog.med Validation. In a graphical representation, the program recognizes both correct sterilization cycles and defective cycles efficiently. All deviations are documented, the defective cycles are marked as such and possible causes of error are shown.

The software supports you step by step in preparing the Bowie & Dick Test and in programming and evaluating with the EBI 15. It helps you to generate reports and additionally provides a fast „problem display“ listing possible error causes and troubleshooting measures through integrated help functions. You get a clear result, whether „passed“ or „failed“, which clearly simplifies your daily work routine.

The steam tight (IP 68) Bowie Dick data logger EBI 15 has a temperature measuring range from 0°C up to +150 °C, a pressure range from 0 mbar – 4.000 mbar and can save 100.000 measured values. The measuring accuracy is ±0,1°C or ± 15 mbar. The logger is equipped with a user-exchangeable 3,6V lithium battery with a lifetime of up to 2 years, depending on use. The EBI 15 should be serviced or calibrated after 500 cycles and is then ready for reuse.

Its functionality was certified by an independent institute according to EN ISO 11140-4.Caption: With the Bowie Dick logger, ebro has created an easy-to-use, understandable and very reliable measuring system for comprehensive routine checks of steam sterilizers according to EN 285 and EN ISO 11140-4 that can check steam penetration analogous to a Bowie & Dick test.

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