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Educational Advantage…..

Camlab have always prided themselves on providing products that appeal to customers based on quality and value.

Our Education range is no different, it does what it says on the tin- practical, functional and easy to use, for the convenience of Schools, Colleges and Universities. The more equipment the school can buy with the budget they hold benefits students directly. One top-of-the -range photometer being demonstrated by the tutor is not as beneficial as having one appropriately specified photometer shared between a small group of students. This approach facilitates more hands on time for them and a better understanding of the practical session.

pH Meters

Take for example, pH Meters- We have education line pH meters in both hand held and bench top models, perfectly suited for learning about the measurement of pH/Hydrogen Ion concentration.

EL2-B Portable pHMeter
EL2-B Portable pHMeter

The education line benchtop pH meters have a large easy to read LCD display which can simultaneously display measurement value and temperature.

The icons immediately inform you about the condition of the electrode, whether a measurement is in progress or whether the reading is already stable.

Graphical plots of readings can be transmitted to a printer via the analogue output.

The low-maintenance LE407 plastic electrode, a height-adjustable electrode arm and 4 buffer sachets are included in the kit version.


Benchtop Conductivity Meters

The simultaneous display of measurement value and temperature, with a big, well organized display to provide other helpful information. Icons immediately inform you about whether a measurement is in progress or whether the reading is already stable. The clearly labelled keypad makes operating the meter child’s play. “Read” starts a measurement “Cal” a calibration; with “Setup”, the reference temperature can be easily changed and a temperature correction factor can be entered.

EL30K Conductivity Meter
EL30K Conductivity Meter

The easily cleaned LE703 plastic electrode, a height-adjustable electrode arm and 4 standard bags are included in the electrode kit version. A quick guide, laminated for those occasional spills, is included as standard.

Education Line EL30-B benchtop conductivity meter – Includes EL30 conductivity meter only (no sensor or electrode arm).

Education Line EL30-K benchtop conductivity meter – Includes EL30 conductivity meter and accessories as with the EL30-B plus LE703 conductivity sensor, electrode arm, 2 x 1413µS/cm and 2 x 12.88mS/cm standard sachets.

Waterproof Timers

A water-proof timer suitable for use in wet or harsh working environments. It is ideal for the food trade, laboratories, education and industry. Easy to program and has a high-frequency alarm on expiry of count-down times.

TM-203 Timer
TM-203 Timer

99 min’s 99 sec’s x 1 second, Large 20 mm LCD display, Quick and easy operation with Start, Stop, Reset and numeral keys, Count-down mode with Alarm on expiry

Count-down can be stopped and restarted at any point, Memory to store last count-down time setting, Auto-Repeat function for count-down, Count-up mode until stopped

Cumulative count-up function – count-up can be paused and re-started without losing the cumulative time count, Lithium Battery giving up to 2 years life

All for £10.00

We can help with most items for schools, colleges and Universities, just let us know your requirements