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Ductless fume hoods offer up to 96% energy savings

erlabpr1Camlab has now added the erlab® range of ductless fume hoods and storage cabinets to its extensive laboratory furniture range.
Traditional ducted fume hoods have been prevalent in the UK in the past and appear to offer a straightforward solution to the problem of laboratory fumes. However, as we become increasingly environmentally aware and energy conscious, the benefits of ductless fume cabinets are becoming more and more apparent.
By re-circulating and purifying the laboratory air rather than replacing it, ductless fume hoods preserve heated air in the winter and cooled air in summer, reducing energy bills up to 96%. Combined with low installation costs and flexibility of location, a typical overall saving up to 70% can be achieved compared to a ducted solution.
The Erlab Safety Program (ESP) offered by Erlab® is a combination of 3 unique services, included in the purchase of each captair® filtering fume hood in order to ensure correct operation throughout its service life:

  1. The Valiquest® service: Determines the most appropriate filtering fume hood for your total safety.
  2. The Valipass® service: Certifies and secures the framework of use for your fume hood at installation.
  3. The Valiguard® service: Reinforce your safety during on going applications with constant monitoring of your filtering fume hood, using Camlabs free automated reminder service.

For more information or a FREE site survey please contact Camlab on 01954 233110 for more information or click here to visit Equipment/Fume Cabinets on the website.

Camlab is one of the UK’s leading scientific suppliers, with 58 years’ experience in the laboratory market place. Already UK market leader in Water Testing, Camlab has recently expanded it’s portfolio of products and markets with the acquisition of LabSales and Patterson Scientific.  Camlab offers a large range of well known laboratory and water brands as well it’s own manufactured chemicals, instruments and plastics. Unusually for a laboratory supplier, Camlab has its own manufacturer-trained in house service organisation to ensure complete product lifetime care.

Created over 40 years ago in 1968, erlab® was the first company to invent the captair® range of ductless filtering fume enclosures for the filtration of toxic chemicals. Since its creation, the company, a pioneer in its fields has always had the know-how to offer the most efficient system in terms of filtration quality and filter life.

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