Oil and Petroleum Testing

Ductility Testing of Bitumen by ASTM and custom methods in one unit

Ductility is defined as the ability to undergo great deformation or elongation – in testing terms, it is the distance in mm which a standard sample of bitumen may be elongated to before breaking, when stretched at a specified rate and temperature.

The ductility of bitumen and bituminous materials is important in ascertaining if they are suitable for the specific task at hand. If the bitumen is not ductile enough it may crack under heavy loads.

The semi-automatic ductility testing apparatus from Koehler Instruments has been designed to adhere to the ASTM D113 test method plus all related methods, but also offers a range of features to make testing simple and consistent.

  • A clear 6″ colour touchscreen with simple display of all key parameters and pre-programmed standard test methods easily accessible.
  • The unique motor jogging function that makes accurate placement of the sample in the bath easy.
  • Variable controls to set up custom methods outside of the standard ASTM methods

See the unit in action in the video above, follow the links to find out more, or contact us with any questions;