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DPD and Chlorine Measurement

Chlorine tests are now available for all requirements of works control and field testing, ranging from the simple determination of free available chlorine to the differential analysis of complex mixtures.

The Principle tablets of the DPD System are numbered 1 to 4 as follows:

 DPD No.1  DPD Indicator plus buffer

DPD No.2 Stabilised KI for monochloramine activation

DPD No3. Stabilised KI for dichloramine activation

DPD No4. All reagents in a single tablet


Selecting the right procedure for what you want to measure:

For Free available Chlorine                     Use DPD NO.1

For Free and Combined Chlorine          Use DPD NO,s 1 and DPD No. 3

For Complete Differentiation                  Use Tablets 1, 2 and 3

For total  available Chlorine                    Use Tablets No. 4

chlorine table1 




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