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Does your oven require a temperature validation check?

With over 50 years of experience in scientific instrumentation and having our own internal and field factory trained service engineers located across the UK, Camlab is a name you can trust for maintenance services, repairs and calibration. We have an unrivalled and wide range of options to provide validation, calibration and performance checks on your oven for every budget. See below for some of the options we can offer:

Remote temperature Validation Logger

This represents our most cost effective and least disruptive temperature performance check covering 3 temperatures at a single point in the oven (50°, 100° and 150°). With this solution, Camlab send you a logging box with full easy to follow instructions. You simply place the logging box in the oven and follow the instructions we provide. We then collect the unit, review the data and either send you a calibration certificate or contact you if there is a problem. Bespoke customer specified temperatures from 20° to 200° can be selected in lieu of the standard at an additional cost.


Maintenance Visit

With this offer, an experienced Camlab engineer will visit your facility and carry out a single point temperature check / calibration at 1 temperature and combine this with a maintenance visit. Our engineer will require full access to you equipment for most of the day. Additional temperatures check points can be added as options.


On site 9 point or 27 point temperature mapping 

Temperature mapping is one element of the operational qualification of your oven. Camlab are both trained and qualified to provide a full temperature mapping service your oven which will be done in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. This is a full day activity with a maximum 2 temperatures being mapped at either 9 or 27 sensor points in your oven per day. For each temperature, 60 measurements (1 per minute) are taken at each sensor point and you will be provided with a report showing the results normally 2 weeks after. Whilst on site our engineers will be able to discuss any issues with you and determine whether any adjustments, modifications or repairs are required.

This shows that this particular oven has a fault as it has not reached or maintained the higher 150 degree temperature!
Temperature mapping results showing that this particular oven has a fault as it has not reached or maintained the higher 150 degree temperature required

Operational qualification (OQ) 

In addition to completing the 9 or 27 point temperature mapping process discussed at 3 above, Camlab also complete a wide range of other checks to determine how your oven is performing. This includes checking every process related alarm, switching and control function. A full report pack is completed during the tests for your records.


Performance qualification (PQ) 

This includes a 9 or 27 point temperature mapping of the performance of your oven when fully loaded. This PQ can either be carried out as a standalone activity or after the OQ activities discussed in 4 above. A full report pack is completed during the tests for your records.


For more information on our oven validation, calibration and performance checks or any of our servicing options please get in touch on 01954 233 130, email service@camlab.co.uk or fill in the below form and we will get in touch.


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