7. FAQ's and Knowledgebase

Does the Prestige Medical Autoclave 2100 need a water connection?

No – the small, portable Prestige Medical Autoclave 2100 does not need to be plumbed in to a fixed water supply, but should be filled with deionised water.

2100 Prestige Medical Autoclave with bucket
The 2100 Prestige Medical Autoclave

The unit simply needs filling with distilled or deionised water up to the marker in the chamber.

NB tap water should not be used – if you don’t have a regular source of distilled water or only need small, infrequent amounts this can be purchased by the bottle.

This small and simple to use unit is ideal for low volume sterilizing such as dentistry or tattoo tools.

See more information on the Prestige Medical Autoclave on the links above, or contact us with any questions about autoclaving.