pH measurement / pH meters and electrodes

Do you need to measure the pH of Solid Foodstuffs?

The pH of food can be a challenge but its possible to measure pH as long as there is some moisture content involved.

The measurement of pH in meat and cheeses can be achieved using a special probe designed to pierce the food product to gain a pH reading.

We have assembled the components together that would be required below:

pH Meter-item 1169680

Mettler FiveGo pH Meter
Mettler FiveGo pH Meter

The FiveGoTM portable pH meters are economical and easy to use. They have a storage capacity for up to 30 measurements, mV/ORP measuring mode and IP54 protection against dust and water ingress, automatic end-point recognition and calibration with automatic buffer recognition.

Five self-explanatory buttons for starting and ending a measurement and for saving and accessing measurements and the latest calibration data at the press of a button makes operating this instrument so intuitive.

The large LCD display can simultaneously show readings, temperature and endpoint criteria and also facilitates rapid measurement and calibration.

Useful accessories such as the electrode clip, a wrist strap and a laminated quick guide are enclosed with every FiveGo.

InLab Solids pH Probe-item 1169897

InLab Solids pH Probe
InLab Solids pH Probe

Electrode features spear-shaped tip for piercing of tough exteriors, integrated NTC 30 k[OMEGA] temperature probe, and ARGENTHAL™ lead-off and silver ion trap for optimum silver ion-free accuracy at various sample temperatures. Solid XEROLYT® PLUS polymeric electrolyte requires no junction. Rugged low temperature glass shaft resists breakage and is ideal for low temperatures, low ion concentrations, and thick membranes. Electrode features MultiPin™ connector.

A lead will be required S7-BNC 1.2 meters Item number 1169905, to connet the probe to the FiveGo pH meter.

pH Calibration Buffers Items 1144885 & 1144955 pH 4 and pH7 (required for Meat).

Reagecon Colour Coded pH Buffers
Reagecon Colour Coded pH Buffers

These pH buffer solutions are colour coded for ease of identification. Available in pH 4, 7 and 10 and are calibrated at 20°C.

Temperature dependence data is printed on the label as are the lot numbers and expiry date.


Storage buffer and storage bottle.

This probe needs special care between uses, so we recommend Friscolyt-B storage buffer. Item 1138531.

A storage bottle that encases the end of the probe full of Friscolyt-B is required to keep the probe free of protein build up and is available as Item 1161708 for a pack of 2.

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