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Do you need to ensure compliance to PD 6662:2010 ? Try our socket protectors…

Under the Published Document (PD) 6662:2010 scheme for the application of European standards for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems, there are new requirements for installations in the UK.

One of these details removal protection for plug power supplies – we can offer an easy to use plug protection cover to fulfill these requirements

Tamper Evident Plug Protector
Tamper Evident Plug Protector to help with compliance to PD 6662:2010 regulation

The PD 6662 describes how intruder and hold-up alarm systems must be installed and maintained to comply with the published British and European standards. It applies to a range of burglar alarms, crime prevention devices and security systems.

One of the major changes is that in UK installations; “it is now permissible to use a plug for all power supplies if removal protection is in place”

The simple power protector offers a quick and easy way to ensure this “removal protection” is in place

  1. Peel off the paper on the backplate to reveal the adhesive
  2. Line up and press over the socket (allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to fully harden)
  3. Plug in the unit
  4. Place the red front cover over the plug and press to click into place

If the red cover is removed at any point the joining clip will snap off, allowing the covers to prove tamper evidence.

The protectors are made in fire retardant ABS plastic and offer a quick, simple and visible method to prove the power supply was protected.

They also offer a handy tool for ensuring vital items are not accidentally unplugged – for example fridges or freezers.

See more information on the protectors here, or contact us with any questions