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Do you need Microbiological testing containers for Food?

Camlab can provide a range of sterile and aseptic containers for microbiological testing of food stuffs. These containers are specifically designed for food and industrial laboratories and are manufactured from shatterproof polypropylene for maximum safety. The caps are deep threaded to guard against any leakage and the containers are aseptically manufactured to the highest standards.


Sterilin Screw Cap Aseptic Container


For more information go to http://www.camlab.co.uk/containers-disposable-polyproylene-p18204.aspx


Media Bottles for Preparation Of Microbiological Media

These bottles are an inexpensive alternative to glass media bottles. They are provided as radiation sterilized and non-pyrogenic to eliminate the washing and autoclaving process. They are delivered heat shrink wrapped and packed in trays.


Sterile square media bottles
Sterile square media bottles


More ordering  information can be found at http://www.camlab.co.uk/sterile-square-media-bottle-petg-p17134.aspx


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