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Discontinued products announcement: ChloroSense, ChlordioXense, ChlordioX Plus, ChloroSense HR and PAASense

Palintest have announced that the ChloroSense, ChlordioXense, ChlordioX Plus, ChloroSense HR and PAASense units have been discontinued and have been replaced by the Kemio. The Kemio is a multi-parameter next generation instrument capable of measuring chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA) in water. You can read our post on the feature of the Kemio here. 

Palintest Kemio soft case kit with contents

Reagents will still be available through Camlab until Dec 2021

The sensors for these units however are still available for purchase until Dec 2021 and are produced with a two year shelf life. We have the following listed for purchase through our website:

Chlorine Sensors – CS110/CS150
Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite Sensors – CDX310/CDX350
Chlorine HR Sensors – CS810/CS850
Peracetic Acid Sensors – CS710/CS750


If you are looking at replacing your old unit with the Kemio, we will be happy to discuss competitive pricing. Please contact us on 01954 233 110 or using the contact form below.

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