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Did you know that Camlab can help you design and Install Laboratory Furniture?

Camlab are pleased to work in association with Kotterman one of the leading German based manufacturers of high quality laboratory fitments and furniture.


The name Köttermann is synonymous with high quality and long lasting steel laboratory furniture.


Köttermann’s Systemlabor is the result of many years of creativity and innovation developed by our design staff, to create intelligent furniture solutions and base all their work on the latest information.  Their products are continually improved, so that they can offer customers increased safety and comfort at work and set the standards, especially in the areas of fume cupboard and safety technology.

 Safety for people in the laboratory.


Laboratories hold lots of dangers. Köttermann’s Systemlabor features minimise the associated risks. 

 We support your processes.

Kottermans’ unique modular system always offers a functional, ergonomically sensible and attractively designed unit. All components are designed to make work in the laboratory easier and more economical.

If you are interested in laboratory design, please contact us for more information regarding Kotterman laboratory solutions.