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Complying to USP39 – Storing light sensitive liquids

Certain liquids are light sensitive, their molecules have weak bonds that can break apart when exposed to light and make them ineffective. Bleach is good example of this, as standard bleach is always sold in a white plastic bottle to prevent from light degradation and prolonging it’s effective life.


Azlon have created opaque wash bottles specifically dedicated for sodium hypochlorite, bleach. Made in LDPE these prevent light spoilage and feature the new Globally Harmonised Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information printed on the bottle for easy access.

Azlon~1207239~Wash bottle 500ml HDPE bleach sodium hypochlorite~WGW401PML_B

To prevent light degradation Azlon have also created these amber polypropylene bottles with black screw caps. These have been made to comply to USP39 – a standard for light penetration. The leak proof, liner-less design has smooth inner contours for efficient pouring and ease of cleaning. They are made from Polypropylene which provides a good general resistance against chemicals and can be autoclaved at 121°C.

For more information on storing light sensitive products or our range of plastics in general please get in touch with one of our technical team on 01954 233 120, email or fill in the information request form below and we will be in touch.