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Compact Benchtop Fume Cabinets for the Laboratory

Are you looking for a ducted fume cabinet for your laboratory to filter out potentially harmful pollutants during your employee’s daily work processes?

The BenchVent extract cabinets, capture, contain, filter and expel harmful dust and particles for a cleaner, healthier working environment within electronic design and rework, dental/medical labs, pharmaceutical labs, design and technology, science in education and more.

Available in a variety of types and sizes to suit most applications, enclosures are in the form of powder coated steel hoods or clear shields and containment hoods allowing for maximum visibility. The units give a turbulet-free airflow allowing for extremely accurate balance readings and ultrasonic bath storage.

In particular the BV930-H and BV660H-D fume hoods extract all odours and gases to the atmosphere via a particulate intake filter.











The particulate (intake) filter is a three stage graduated fibre filter with a high ‘dust’ holding capacity for long life. Filtration to 5 micron particles.

The dual process of filtration and then extraction to atmosphere via flexi-duct, vastly reduces and/or eliminates operator exposures to potentially hazardous substances.

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