Christmas elf and safety with Camlab………..

Its never too late to invest in some decent safety protection for your laboratory people….. Camlab have a comprehensive range to choose from this season and all seasons, and we have listed some of the best here for you.

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Hot Animal Hand Protectors

Hot Animal hand protector range enables the user to handle apparatus at extreme temperatures. Even smooth surfaced apparatus such as hot flasks can be securely gripped.

  • Made from Silicone
  • Temperature tolerance – 50°C to + 230°C
  • Extremely elastic
  • Slip proof

Hot Animals-Silicon Hand Protectors


Bench top protective Paper

Protective absorbent paper with a plastic backing to absorb small spills and prevent damage to worktops. It makes cleaning up busy labs a simple task by simply replacing the surface covering. Available in either pre-cut sheets or 50m rolls.

Bench Top Protection Paper
Bench Top Protection Paper


Safety Spectacles

A range of laboratory safety spectacles for a wide range of applications conforming to EN166-1FT approval.

Safety Spectacles
Safety Spectacles


Captair Store Mini

For the storage of your chemicals on the work surface

The Captair ministore 822 offers the ultimate solution for all laboratories where flasks and bottles can be found in large numbers, polluting the laboratory air and taking valuable handling space.

Mini Store Safety Cabinet
Mini Store Safety Cabinet

Equipped with a Captair filtration system, the Captair ministore 822 can filter 75 m3/h or entirely renew the air inside a 20 m3 laboratory 4 times a day.

Up to 48 bottles and flasks can be temporarly stored in the Captair ministore 822, thus freeing up space.

The containers are placed in the Ministore equipped with a retention tray which comes with a liquid absorbent material.

Equipped with 2 transparent doors.

Equipped with a captair filtration system and two large capacity filters, more than 600 commonly used chemicals can be retained.

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