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Choosing a Vacuum Pump for your lab

Vacuum Pumps are found in every laboratory for a huge range of uses, but how do you decide which one is suitable for the task?

Laboratory vacuum pump

Laboratory vacuum pumps can have a lot of different features, which makes them suitable for different jobs.

For example, “chemical duty” pumps have better chemical resistance, for working with organic solvents or corrosive substances. Others can apply pressure as well as vacuum, while some are oil-free to reduce maintenance requirements and the risk of contamination. Some pumps are available with a regulator or gauge to accurately monitor the vacuum, then there is the flow rate and ultimate vacuum ┬áto consider, to ensure the pump is powerful enough for the job.

Try our application filters to narrow down the range and see which models are best suited to your application. Whether you need a vacuum pump for a rotary evaporator or a simple filtration, right up to pumps for a vacuum oven or a Schlenk line – the filters quickly show you which models suit the job at hand.

Camlab are pleased to offer laboratory pumps from Welch-Ilmvac and KNF, two leaders in the field, so we are confident you’ll find a pump to suit your lab.

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  1. Finding the right vacuum pump for a specific application isn’t always easy. Thank you for providing some help.

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