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Certified Sieves for accurate analysis of solids

Sieves are used in many laboratories for analysis of solid materials particle size distribution.

It’s important to make sure the sieve you are using has an accurate, calibrated mesh to ensure your results are correct, but did you know that different levels and classifications of certification are available?

Test sieves should be certified to ensure accuracy
Test sieves should be certified to ensure accuracy

Endecotts sieves offer the high quality and accuracy needed for laboratory sieve work. All their stainless steel sieves are manufactured in accordance with ISO 3310 and come with a certificate of compliance as standard. This details the unique number of the sieve and confirms that the mesh is within the conformity limits – see an example copy of this certificate type here.

If you need other, more specific levels of conformity in manufacture or certification these should be requested separately.

Manufacturing standards available are;

  • ISO 331
  • ASTM E11

Certificates available are;

  • Certificate of compliance (supplied as standard)
  • Inspection certificate
  • Calibration certificate
  • Mid-Point certificate

Examples of these different certificate types are available on request, just contact us.

Other forms of certification are also available on special request, just contact us to tell us more about your requirements