Fume Hoods / Water Bath

Cell Culture equipment from a single source….

Basic Equipment Required:

Cell Culture Hood:




  • A Co2 incubator is recommended for cell culture as they allow superior control of culture conditions. Camlab supply Memmert Co2 Incubators designed and built in Germany.


Water Bath:

  • For warming the culture fluid to the correct temperature. A range of waterbaths can be found here.


  • Concentrating harvests- A centrifuge can be used to concentrate cell cultures.

Refrigerator or freezer:

  • Storage of media and samples –

Cell Counters:

  • For estimation of yield- Camlab have a range of manual cell counting chambers available, other automated cell counters are available for this purpose.

Inverted Microscope:

  • Visualisation of cell viability- Camlab can provide a comprehensive range of Inverted microscopes for this purpose.


  • For culture media preparation

Cell Scrapers:

  • For harvesting cells from the culture flasks
Cell Scrapers
Cell Scrapers

For more information on Camlab cell culture products or to enquire about Invertion Microscopes Click here.

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