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Can I use NitraVer 5 Powder Pillows for medium and high range analysis?

Camlab’s NitraVer 5 powder pillows can be used for MR (medium range) or HR (High range) nitrogen-nitrate determination.

MR determination covers the range from 0.1-10.0mg/l and HR range is 0.3-30.0mg/l.

How do test for nitrates within either range?

  • The difference between both ranges is the calibration curve. Follow the procedure in the correct test methods, this will guide you through to choose the correct calibration settings on your instrument.
  • Follow Test procedure 8039 for the HR Cadmium reduction procedure
  • Follow Test procedure 8171 for the MR Cadmium reduction procedure

  Click NitraVer 5 to view these test procedures on our website and hit the blue MORE tab.

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