Can I store items at high temperatures in Liquid Nitrogen Dewars?

When you think of liquid nitrogen the first thing that comes to mind is freezing cold temperatures. There are a huge range of dewars made from aluminimum or stainless steel in the market that store cryogenic material.

Have you considered that they also have an application at the opposite end of the scale?

Some stainless steel dewars will store liquids and solids such as molten lava or pieces of metal up to temperatures of 600 deg C.

Camlab offer a range of stainless steel open vacuum dewars that act as an insulator once the lid with has been securely sealed on the dewar. Borosolicate lined dewars will not withstand temperatures above 500 deg C, any higher and thermal stress will be start to form along with deformities in the glass.

Camlab vacuum dewars are made from exceptionally strong stainless steel and all are supplied with insulating lids and either swivel or fixed carry handles depending on the size.

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