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Can i purchase tubes for the bead ruptor mill that are Nuclease free?


Yes you can, OMNI Inc have introduced the most popular pre-filled bead tubes as “Certified free of bacterial and yeast DNA”.


Microbial DNA Free Soft Tissue Grinding Mix – item 1201152

Microbial DNA free Bead Ruptor bead beating tubes are molecular biology grade, nuclease free tubes, pre-filled with an optimized amount of sterilized lysing matrix to provide efficient and high yield sample homogenates. Products are rigorously tested using microbial DNA PCR assays.

19-620D Nuclease & Microbial DNA Free Tubes
19-620D Nuclease & Microbial DNA Free Tubes

Product Features:

  • 2.0 mL Polypropylene screw cap tubes pre-filled with 1.4 mm ceramic beads
  • Ideal for applications that are sensitive to the presence of bacterial or fungal DNA contamination.
  • Recommended for: soft tissues, brain, liver, kidney, spleen, and soft plant
  • Certification: RNase & DNase Free, Microbial DNA Free

Ordering Information: Unit includes 50 bead beating tubes pre-filled with 1.4 mm ceramic beads

Also available:

Soft Tissue Homogenising Mix, Ceramic Beads 1.4mm (2ml tubes, DNA Free)- 50 pack – Item 1201153

Hard Tissue Homogenizing Mix (2ml reinforced tubes) Nuclease & Microbial DNA Free-50 pack – item 1201154

Hard Tissue Grinding Mix, Metal beads, 2.4mm (2ml tubes, DNA Free)- 50 Pack – item 1201155


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