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Can I measure Fluoride on my pH meter?

Can I measure Fluoride on my pH meter?

Fluoride can be measured on an Ion Selective Electrode (ISE). The ion selective electrode generates a signal which is the same as that generated in a pH measurement. In simple terms if the pH meter can measure mV and well as pH then the meter can be used to make an ISE measurement.

To do this with a pH meter the user will have to generate a range of standards (for fluoride this is normally 0.1, 1 and 10ppm fluoride), measure these standards and record the data. The data is then plotted on a graph and the user can measure an unknown sample and look up the valueIon Meter from Mettler toledo from the graph.

More advanced pH meters or Ion meters can measure Ions without the external calibration and will calibrate on the same standards and give a you a direct reading in fluoride.

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