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Camlab reduces its Carbon footprint by >50%….

Camlab has undertaken a massive project to reduce its carbon footprint by installing solar panels on the roof of the warehouse.


Solar PV Panel Arrays on Camlab's Roof
Solar PV Panel Arrays on Camlab’s Roof

The Installation has been taking shape over the last few weeks with over 500 Solar PV Arrays being hauled onto the roof of the main warehouse.

The total size of the array is 150 kWp (peak power) equivalent to an estimated energy harvest of 119,280 kWh. A typical house roof system would generate

2400 kWh per year and consumes over 4,000 kWh per year so we are generating enough power for 30 homes for a complete year.

This should reduce our carbon footprint to around 50% over the first operational year with better savings to follow when the air sourced heat pumps are installed to provide the offices with a temperature controlled environment.

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