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Camlab recommend the New Socorex Acura 826XS Micropipette

Do you work in the field of research and are finding that your current pipette is not accurate or precise enough for your pipetting applicaton? Or you may be looking for a lightweight, soft pipette to reduce hand fatigue?

Camlab recommend the Acura 826XS extra sharp micropipette from Socorex. So what makes this pipette different?

Narrow Conical Shaft End

Small diameter provides for easy access to microtubes

Tip injection- easier than ever


Soft padded, large tip ejection button stands for comfortable thumb position. Patented JustipTM height adjustment system permits the optimal fitting and ejection of a wide selection of tips.


 Extra Smooth Application

Unique tightness lip seal provides for ultra-soft pipetting, thus reducing hand fatigue while working. Forces are indicative of very limited finger efforts. Yet, the overshoot stop offers a clear tactile indicator.


Smart and Reliable Volume Setting

Self-locking click-stops (fine raster) for precise and safe volume setting. Free rotating, colour coded cap independent from volume adjustment.


Light Weight

 Reduced weight : 83 – 88 grams, lighter than leading brands.


Swift Set Calibration

Easy user calibration system with integrated key. Locking mechanism protected by calibration seal sticker.


There is also a 6 different starter packs available the Acura 862XS TwIXS pack which contains 2 micropipettes with a holder, grease and a pack of tips. Ideal to get you started.



There is also a Unique design 6-position pipette work station with great characteristics. Model fits six pipettes of most brands providing for an ideal storage solution in any laboratories. Rotation enables quick instrument selection. Easy disassembling for simple maintenance. Available in seven translucent colours. Discs are exchangeable.

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