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Camlab Premium I-Wash

Eye wash is an essential first aid item for use in home or working environments where you could be at risk of irritating the eye with debris or chemicals. Eye wash is used to remove dust, dirt and any other non-emergency foreign objects from the eye. Camlab Premium I-Wash comes in three different eye wash formats: I-wash drops, I-wash bottle, and I-eye wash bottle with eye bath. The eye wash solutions are all sterile saline solutions at 0.9% PH EUR.

I-Wash Pods:

The I-wash pods comes in 20ml pods for cleaning and irrigation of your eyes. This can be used to refresh your eyes as well as for non-emergency situations. The pods make this eye wash ideal for traveling as they are easily broken into individual pods to fit in purses, pockets, jackets, and rucksacks.

Camlab Saline I-wash pods
Camlab Saline I-wash pods

I-Wash bottle

The I-wash bottle is ideal for refilling wall mounted or desk mounted eye wash stations. This bottle can be purchased alone or as a pack of 10 as well as in two different sizes – 250ml or 500ml to fit different eye wash stations.

Camlab Saline I-wash bottle
Camlab Saline I-wash bottle

I-Wash Bottle with Eye Bath

The I-Wash bottle with eye bath comes in a 500ml bottle with an eye cup that fits the curvature of your eye. This is beneficial for those who struggle to use eye drops or has not used eye drops before. This product is simple to use, simply twist off the cap and pour into the eyecup.

Camlab Saline I-wash bottle with eye bath
Camlab Saline I-wash bottle with eye bath

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