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Buy One Pack of Brand PD-Tips-Set & Get One FREE

PD-Tips work on the direct displacement principle and are therefore particularly suitable for dispensing of fluids with high viscosity and high vapor pressure increasing productivity and reproducibility for repetitive and serial pipetting tasks.

This great offer applies to the PD-Tip-set which contains a set of 20 tips of 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 12.5ml.

The size of these tips is en-
coded in their piston (patented). After inserting the tip, the
size is automatically recognized and displayed, making it
easy to select the volume to be dispensed. When a new
PD-Tip of the same size is inserted, all instrument settings
are maintained.

These are ideal to use with the repetitive pipette HandyStep® electronic( with automatic tip size recognition) and HandyStep® from BRAND.

They are also compatible with the Gilson® Repetman®, Rainin AutoRepTM E (automatic tip recognition);
HandyStep®, Rainin AutoRepTM M, Eppendorf® Multipette® 4780 und EDOS® 5221

The HandyStep electronic is a microprocessor-controlled, motorized repeating pipette that combines broad tip compatibility and user comfort with the convenience and efficiency of an electronic pipette. The instrument automatically recognizes the size of encoded BRAND PD-Tip syringe tips and provides continuously adjustable volume selection from 1µL to 50m

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