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Bunsen Burner starter kits with everything needed in one package

Bunsen Burners are used in most laboratories worldwide and for many scientists this will have been one of the first things they ever used in a lab for their first experiments at school!

Flame tests to determine metals is one of the first experiments many people perform at school, using a basic bunsen burner.

But even the humble Bunsen burner requires a few extra items to get started – Camlab can now offer this in one easy starter pack.

Camlab offer a handy Bunsen Burner kit that includes the burner and neoprene tubing, tripod and 3x wire gauzes in one simple package.

Bunsen Burner Kit
Bunsen Burner Starter Kit

This is a great simple way to get started, whether you’re using your Bunsen for flame tests, sterilizing microbiological instruments or heating experiments or samples.

See the kit here or contact us with any questions about burners or heating