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Bring your Freezer onto your Bench Top

 Benchtop Freezer Cold Box B30-20 +10 to -20ºC 30LTransporting chilled chemicals and organic material between laboratories and building is always a concern. However, due to limited space, most laboratories find this a necessary part of routine procedures. This can have a detrimental effect on the reagents and biological material due to the effects of temperature fluctuation on stability.

Cold boxes (mini-freezers)
 are an alternative, designed for use as desktop appliances they can be used in, for example, molecular biology laboratories for cryopreserved microorganisms and DNA genome libraries amongst other uses.

 Benchtop Freezer Cold Boxes 35LSet up directly in the user’s working area they reduce the need to use external storage systems for routine work reducing associated risks from transporting frozen items. Available in various compact sizes (up to 35 litres)  and temperature ranges (down to -85C) these can suit most benchtop uses and offer a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative when storing small amounts of sample.


  • Takes up minimum floor space thanks to a compact design
  • Extremely quiet cooling unit
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximum sample reliability provided by comprehensive monitoring and alarm systems
  • Low-maintenance

For further information and advice please contact support@camlab.co.uk.  Alternatively, visit our website where you can find information on cold boxes (mini-freezers).