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Automated Turbidity and Colour Measurement


How do I automate my turbidity measurements?

Turbidity and colour are challenging measurements for any laboratory. The human element plays a large part in the accuracy of data.

Firstly you need to define automate? you can automate the measurements online (measure directly in the pipeline) with instruments such as the1720E from Hach or the Swan turbiwell. For the purposes of this post we are looking at automation of laboratory measurements where you have a sample, or many samples in a container and you need to automate the process of measuring these for turbidity or colour or both.

Mantech Assay plus Turbidity
Mantech Assay plus Turbidity

To automate this measurement you need to have a method for moving the sample around without bubbles in the measurement cell and rinse between samples. Camlab offer an automated solution from MANTECH. The Turbidity Assay plus system uses a unique no bubble measuring cell which can be combined with the intellirinse system to ensure there is no problem with  sample carry over. Process up to 122 samples in one run.

 The Color Assay plus system features an integrated spectrophotometer with your choice of wavelength and measurement parameters. you can also measure pH and conductivity as well as color and turbidity in as little as 4 minutes per sample including rinsing.

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  1. I am interested in your automated turbidity method and would like to find out more details. Are the samples stirred before analysis after sitting in the autosampler?

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