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Automated Soil pH Analyzers

Mantech Analysers are available in the Uk from Camlab ltd

Laboratories with demanding requirements came to MANTECH with the need for a durable and rugged solution to measure soil pH for difficult samples. The nature of these samples required complex sample preparation, timing and analysis. For MANTECH, these features are standard off the shelf solutions. By implementing the MANTECH Automated Soil pH System, these laboratories are now able to prepare and analyze up to two samples simultaneously, with up to 190 different samples in a single batch.

As an example, soil laboratories typically require a batch of samples to be prepared by adding an accurate volume of deionized water. The samples are then stirred and left to mix for a set time period. MANTECH software will automatically prepare a batch of samples, taking exact time records of each preparation, ensuring that the measurement is perfectly timed to the method requirements for every single sample. For example, every sample is measured exactly 30 minutes after preparation and mixing, with an audit proof record and a complete audit trail of the entire procedure is saved and available for reporting.

Soil pH Analyzers
Automated soil pH Analyzer preparing and analyzing 2 different samples simultaneously.

Additional automation requirements include the IntelliRinse as well as the capability of automatically adding a buffer to the sample if the pH is below a certain value, followed by a second pH measurement. In addition, it is simple to add in set calibration and quality control zones, allowing for automated calibrations during the analysis. Adding EC and titration capabilities are standard and easily completed as well. MANTECH’s rugged Automated Soil ph Analyzer systems will meet the automated soil pH requirements any laboratory requires.

Automated soil pH Analyzer utilizing racks from the laboratory.

MANTECH Automated Soil pH Analyzers are now being used in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. MANTECH Automated Soil pH Analyzers are rugged, durable systems generating accurate and precise results that stand the test of time.

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