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Automated Flow Through Conductivity

MANTECH Releases Video Showcasing Automated Flow Through Conductivity. Available from Camlab in the UK.

View the video of the flow through conductivity system here

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MANTECH INC., a leading manufacturer of laboratory analytical equipment, has introduced a flow through conductivity solution for water analysis. Environmental laboratories, challenged with decreasing turn around times and the need for higher capacity samplers, came to MANTECH to provide solutions.  MANTECH has delivered a number of multi-parameter systems with flow trough conductivity to meet these real life challenges. A video of its latest delivery is released showcasing flow through conductivity with other parameters. Typical applications include automated pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and color, all from a single sample, in 50ml a tube.

MANTECH’s flow through conductivity utilizes MANTECH’s fast responding conductivity cell with built-in thermistor and temperature compensation. This is ideally suited to measure over a large conductivity range, from <1uS to 199,999uS. MANTECH’s fast response conductivity cell effectively measures varying sample matrices including drinking water, wastewaters, ground waters, surface waters, sea waters, etc.

The MANTECH flow through conductivity solution offers the following advantages:

  • Measure more parameters simultaneously. For example, pH, conductivity and turbidity concurrently.
  • Quicker analysis times,
  • Meeting and Optimizing holding times
  • Reduced sampling handling with improved chain of custody
  • Confidence in the results generated!
  • Analysis times as quick as 1 minute per sample for pH and conductivity, including rinsing.
  • Utilizes 50ml sample tubes, inexpensive and large capacity.
  • Capacity up to 197 samples in a single run, when using the cost effective 50ml tubes.
  • Only requires 20ml of sample when analyzing pH, conductivity and alkalinity.
  • Measure samples with TSS, accurately and effectively.

MANTECH’s IntelliRinse System ensures the conductivity cell is completely rinsed allowing for large concentration ranges to be measured.

Easily separates the conductivity from the pH measurement sites.
MANTECH continues in its tradition of delivering innovative products and valued solutions for environmental, petrochemical and food laboratories.

The MANTECH Flow through Conductivity is a rugged, durable solution ensuring accurate and precise conductivity results are generated that stand the test of time.

Call 01954 233100 now for a system quotation or complete our online enquiry form for copies of the application notes and a quotation