Astell Autoclaves providing vital decontamination and sterilisation at Barts Cancer Institute, London

Astell Scientific autoclaves are trusted to ensure the safety and reliability of laboratory work at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

Read on to see how the Cancer Research UK Centre of Excellence uses their autoclave and why they chose Astell for this vital instrument.

Autoclave loading Barts Cancer Institute
Loading the autoclave at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Barts research is directed at preventing cancer and developing better diagnostic techniques and treatments to increase patient survival rates.

All of the media, instruments pipettes, tubes and blades used by the researchers in their experiments must be sterilised before use to ensure the scientific integrity of the results. In addition, much of the waste from the laboratory has been exposed to viruses or blood samples and needs to be decontaminated according to Biohazard Group 2 procedures.

Providing this vital decontamination and sterilisation are two Astell Scientific 735 litre square chamber autoclaves, whose large capacity allows the researchers to complete daily loads in just one cycle.


Waste decontamination takes place in one unit in the morning, while sterilisation of new media is in the other in the afternoon. This procedure keeps the process simple and eliminates the possibility of accidental cross contamination. The two Astell autoclaves were adapted to be installed side by side with custom-designed fascia panels for a neat and hygenic finish.

Principal Laboratory Manager Vipul Bhakta is pleased with this tailor-made solution; “We replaced two 10 year old Astell units that had given excellent service,” he said “the new autoclaves have password protected cycles that ensure efficient sterilisation of all our loads.”

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