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Arsenic Testing made Quick and Easy

Arsenic is a common element in nature found at low levels in soil, water and air and in residue from artificial pesticides and fertilisers. As a plant grows it uptakes contaminated resources and therefore increases in arsenic content. It is through this means we find the element creeping into our food source. As a carcinogen, long term-exposure to low-levels of arsenic may change the way your cells are able to function and communicate.

Up to now accurately measuring the amount of Arsenic in a sample involved high-performance liquid chromatography with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry which means expensive equipment, employing experts and lab time. Now the first truly Digital Arsenic Test Kit for portable use is available for quick and simple Arsenic testing.

            Arsenator Digital Arsenic Test Kit

The Arsenator Digital Arsenic Test Kit is specified by leading aid agencies, government regulators and professional bodies. It’s a break through for those dealing with the element making speedy, highly accurate assessments of arsenic in the field. The kit takes less than 20 minutes to give a reading for the water sample between the critical range of  2µg/L (ppb) to 100µg/L (ppb). With the full risks of arsenic exposure just coming to light this could be vital in the implementation of testing arsenic levels worldwide.

Rice Plants
                                       Rice Plants

Rice takes up toxic inorganic arsenic more readily from its environment than other grains. The Food Standards Agency  have worked to set EU limits for inorganic arsenic levels in rice and try to restrict the amount the rice consumed by infants. The World Health Organisation set maximum contaminant levels in white rice a 200 μg/kg. A team from the Univeristy of Aberdeen used the Arsenator kit to test the levels of Arsenic in rice by creating a reliable method to get the arsenic from a rice sample into solution.

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