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Are you watching the Watermen?

Worth scheduling this TV program about United Utilities on the management of drinking and waste water…Something we all take for granted.

Last weeks episode:

Getting clean water can be a dirty business; whether it is a blocked drain or faulty faucet, people only notice when something goes wrong. For the men and women who run and work for one of Britain’s biggest water companies no job is too big or too small, too messy or too revolting.

Episode one sees the workers of United Utilities face the effects of Britain’s hottest summer in seven years. Local residents in Salford want to cool down and they’ve decided that illegally opening fire hydrants is the best way to do it – they pay for the water so why shouldn’t they enjoy it?! But the hundreds of thousands of litres of water wasted by hydrant abuse affect the supply to a huge number of homes in the area and the local network inspectors deal with a staggering ten hydrant call outs in just one day. As temperatures rise so do the often smelly and revolting jobs that customer service technicians Adrian and Wes have to handle. It takes a strong stomach to do what these boys do and as long people continue to flush wet wipes and nappies there will always be a drain to unblock. However, it’s the out of town reservoirs, where sun seekers put their lives at risk by not paying attention to warning signs, that are one of the biggest worries during the heat wave. We see the devastating impact that death can have on the team charged with patrolling the area.

Customers expect clean water, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – but getting it to them can mean hours and days on end wading through the waste.


This weeks episode shows one of United Utilities Engineers investigating reports of domestic water supplies that taste and smell of chlorine. He measures the chlorine levels to reassure worried homeowners using the Palintest Chlorometer.

Pocket Colorimeter for Chlorine
Pocket Colorimeter for Chlorine

For more information on this and other hand held meters used in the water industry