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Are you having trouble focussing at a particular magnification on your microscope?

Do you have a problem getting a particular magnification clear when using your microscope when other magnifications appear to be clear?

There are a number of things to check to avoid magnification issues here are a few tips:

  • Adjust the eyepieces to the correct distance for your eyes. You should be able to look through the microscope at a clear image with both eyes open.
  • Check that the fine controls using the fine adjustment knob and the coaxial controls, using the coarse adjustment knob are adjusted correctly. The coarse knob increases the magnification.
  • Make sure the lens is clean, use lens paper to do this
  • Make sure the objectives are screwed in tightly
  • Also make sure that you are using the correct mag eyepieces, for example if you want to view your specimen at 100x, it should read 10x on the objective lens itself

Some of these tips may sound obvious but performing these simple checks will prevent any issues during analysis and maintain the performance of the microscope.

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