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Are Instachlor tablets suitable for use in drinking water? What approvals do Instachlor tablets have?

Q: Can I use Instachlor tablets to treat drinking water?

What approvals or standards do the tablets meet?

Instachlor tablets in tubs
Instachlor tablets for sterilizing water by chlorination

A: Yes – Instachlor tablets are compliant with the BS EN 12931 standard, for chemicals used to treat water for human consumption.

The Instachlor tablets by Palintest are a fast way to dose water with chlorine for sterilization. They are available in a range of strengths to suit different applications.

The Instachlor range conform to the British Standard BS EN 12931 – “Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Chemicals for emergency use. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, anhydrous”

They are also compliant with the US NSF Standard 60 for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.

Previously the range was registered as approved with the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), but when legislation changed in 2000 it was removed from the DWI list since it was already compliant with the BS EN 12931 standard. Being removed from the DWI list does not mean that the range are no longer approved, it is simply because they already meet another approval system elsewhere.

The full range of Instachlor tablets are shown here.

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