Anti-Vibration Table Improve Balance Stability and Consistency of Results


Anti Vibration table
Anti Vibration table

It’s a fact of lab life: there are some variables that can wreak havoc on an analytical balance results. Controlling environmental influences isn’t always feasible, but Adam Equipment can help reduce fluctuations in measurement resulting from environmental affects. Used in tandem with Adam Equipment’s AVT anti-vibration table, Adam’s PW analytical balance performs reliably with marked precision despite any unexpected background vibration or air currents that might cause readings to fluctuate. Ergonomically styled with a dark granite top, the AVT offers a solid, stable surface developed specifically to help reduce vibration, shock or any other movement during measurement. The PW is an excellent choice for applications that require weighing to 0.1mg, and features durable metal construction and standard internal motorised calibration.


The combination of the PW and the AVT provide value that is unbeatable. The AVT is easy to assemble, with all necessary tools supplied. The internal working surface measures 400 X 450mm/16 X 18”, allowing ample space for the PW. Its large, scratch-resistant granite slab sits on shock-absorbing rubber mounts, while levelling feet accommodate uneven surfaces. The PW fits in the middle of the AVT’s granite surface, which stabilises the base and enables greater precision in every measurement.

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