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An introduction to the new Kemio by Palintest

The Kemio is the next-generation, multi-parameter measurement platform produced by Palintest designed to measure a number of disinfection parameters in water, including chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA). It has a range of settings that can be personalized in a great number of ways to suit your needs and processes and the unit uses sensor technology. This means that sensors containing the test chemistry are scanned in to prior to their use which allows for full traceability.

Palintest Kemio soft case kit with contents


Where are disinfection parameters measured?

The Kemio measures a number of disinfection parameters: chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA) in water. These compounds are commonly used as sanitizers in the food and beverage industry or during the brewing, bottling and the processing of dairy produce. Measurement of these parameters function to validate any disinfection that had been carried out during the production process. It has been optimised with a number of features, making it perfect for the highly regulated environments in the food industry.

It boasts a number of impressive benefits:

Clear pass / fail display for results;

  • You are able to label tests with set limits, so that when results appear outside of your acceptable range they are clearly displayed as a fail, reducing uncertainty.

Simple to use;

  • Simple test methodology reduces the differences and uncertainties between users.
  • Clear instructions are displayed for all test methods.
  • When diluting the sample in order to bring readings into the instrument’s test range,  additional calculations can be easily taken into account. When programmed, the unit will compute the correct result, with no manual working required on your part.

Results are fully traceable;

  • The Kemio has an internal digital data log that can summarize an impressive 10,000 results and allow them to be viewed directly on the device.
    Each sensor is scanned into the unit before use which allows you to assign batch numbers. This also functions to validate the test type, range and expiry date.

Quick results;

  • Results can be achieved in 60 seconds with no need to measure or mix chemicals.

Readings are not affected by turbidity or other floating particles.

No need for glassware.

IP67 waterproof rating.

LCD touch screen display.

Where can I purchase this?

The Kemio and sensors are available for purchase in the link here.  A number of options are available including a chlorite test starter kit.

For more information on the Kemio, please visit www.camlab.co.uk, or contact one our technical team by phoning 01954 233120 or emailing support@camlab.co.uk