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Aluminium top hotplate for working with solids directly on the plate surface

The HP61A Programmable Hotplate by Torrey Pines offers the usual high quality and programmable features expected, but is also suitable to use when working with solids directly on the plate surface.

HP61A hotplate
The HP61A programmable hotplate with aluminium top

This makes it ideal for use in tasks such as wafer processing and annealing, baking photo resists, wax and glue heating and bonding, micro fabrication and encapsulation, surface mount soldering or any need to heat samples directly on the heater surface.

The heater plate is 305mm or 12″ square and milled-flat cast aluminium, ensuring even heating across the whole surface.

The temperature range is from ambient to +450°C, controlled to ±1°C of the target. Accuracy is 1% of the reading, and the unit is supplied with a temperature calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

Programming is done through the front panel membrane switch and liquid crystal display. The unit stores 10 programs in memory, each can be up to 10 steps with each step having a temperature, temperature ramp rate if required, and time. Each program can then be made to repeat between 1 and 99 times or infinitely.

Temperature ramping can be set in 1°C per hour increments from 1°C / hour up to 450°C / hour.

The unit also features a countdown timer with alarm and user settable Auto-Off, as well as RS232 I/O port for computer control or datalogging.

See more information here, or contact us with any questions about your heating requirements in the lab

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