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Aluminium Foil is a thing of the past! Light Sensitive Freezer Box – Blackline Plastics

Do you have a range of samples that might be different in size and want to store them in the same container and are light sensitive?

If you have answered yes to any of the these questions then the height adjustable freezer box, in specific our black box shown below could be what you are looking for.







Build your own grids


The boxes are empty and made from virgin polypropylene which means they can be stored down to -80ºC.

There are also protruding grooves on the corners of these boxes which allow you to rest the lid on these up to a height of 62mm.

The beauty of this box is you have the option of separate grids, sold separately in packs of 16, that you build up yourself to divide your containers or vials in any format you wish. Our black versions offer an additional product to our unique blackline range of light sensitive laboratory solutions. No need anymore to wrap your samples up in aluminium foil!


For more information click HEIGHTADJUST to view the full range on our website or fill out the form below if you would like more information or a sample.