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Advantages of CE marked pH-Fix test strips

pH-Fix are Macherey-Nagel’s range of non bleeding pH test strips which provide a number of clever and useful features.



There are 15 varieties to choose from, covering different ranges between 0-14 and different sensitivities from 0.2 to 1.0 pH units.

Other features include:

  • Non-bleeding indicator dyes no sample contamination
  • Optimized colour scale easy pH-measurements without calibration
  • Precise pH measurements even in un-buffered or weakly buffered solutions
  • High sensitivity pH-scale up to 0.2 pH units
  • Robust material plastic strips resistant against various types of organic solvents, acids and bases
  • Clever and individual packaging design variations flat box with smart edge or PlopTop tube

Clever Packaging:

  • The pH-Fix box inlay avoids jamming of the test strips in the lid- after taking out a test strip, the box can easily be closed by flipping the strips into the designated smart edge to protect them before topping the cap.



  • The pH-Fix PlopTop tubes have been specially developed for high convenience and safety in everyday laboratory and hospital/diagnostics work. The PlopTop tubes are easily opened and closed – the wide opening ensures single test strips can be taken out quickly and easily and the cap will resist breakage despite frequent opening and closing.




Long Handle Plastic:

  • The pH-fix strips possess a longer plastic handle- this protects the user from contact with the sample which means safer testing even in biohazardous solutions.


Easy Reading:

  • pH fix strips have small spaces between the reagent pads and therefore obtain a stronger contrast which results in more reliable and faster reading.
  • Identical spaces between the reagent pads and those on the colour scale allow for accurate reading of results.

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  1. I like that the pH-Fix box is easy to close. My wife has difficulties opening and closing packages, so that’s nice to hear. I imagine that test strips are important for patients and doctors alike!

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