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Adam’s Nimbus range – balances for all applications from factories to labs…

With their compact footprint and easy operation, Adam Equipment’s Nimbus range of analytical and precision balances are designed for discerning users in all fields.

The Nimbus series offers readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g and capacities from 80g up to 22kg so there will be a model to suit all users from precise pharmaceutical laboratories to manufacturing sites or factories.

Nimbus Balances range
The Nimbus range of balances offer something for everyone – from 80g up to 22kg they are suited to laboratories or manufacturing

Ideal for measuring samples, Nimbus offers speedy results for labs assessing multiple quantities in a short time. The Nimbus analytical balances with 0.1mg readability have a glass-enclosed weighing chamber, which disassembles quickly for cleaning. Nimbus precision balances with 0.001g readability have a round glass shield to minimise the effects of air movement.

R&D laboratories find the Nimbus range well suited for testing chemicals, powders and other materials. The solid metal construction offers a very durable balance.

Food processing and manufacturing sites rely on the Nimbus to ensure food items meet standards of consistency and fill rate, which affects the final products. The Nimbus can handle counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids/solids and dynamic weighing for liquids or beverages, all of which are great time saving features in a food environment.

Forensic labs use the Nimbus to determine quantities of evidence seized during crimes. The Nimbus features either internal or external calibration; Nimbus balances that have external calibration allow labs to use certified weights for traceability. Frequent calibration ensures the balance is operating properly and maintained correctly, giving the lab documented traceability.

The Nimbus can verify the hardness of construction materials, such as concrete or asphalt. Materials testing labs can also quickly perform unit weight testing and specific gravity tests for density, as the balance comes in high capacity models.

Pharmaceutical labs use the Nimbus for research and development, quality control during production and in pilot testing. The Nimbus’s USB and RS-232 interfaces allow communication with computers or printers in the lab.

See the full range of Nimbus Precision balances here, or Nimbus Analytical balances here, or contact us with questions about your weighing application