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Camlab, headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has been supplying water testing and laboratory equipment globally for over 65 years and has unrivalled experience. Our expertise in the supply of laboratory products, instrumentation, and consumables for scientific applications is backed up by our highly qualified and experienced service team, providing you with a unique level of support for your purchase for its entire lifetime.

Specialist activities include water analysis and process instruments, life science instrumentation, consumables and accessories, and an extensive range of laboratory equipment and PPE for pharmaceutical and industrial research. We aim to offer the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction in all we do.

We offer a choice of quality products, efficient customer service and excellent maintenance back-up from our Service organisation.

We are committed to a continuous programme of development of our services and product offerings delivering real-time information on the latest innovative scientific products to our customers.

For more information visit www.camlab.co.uk for more information or call 01954 233100

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  1. I need to collect precipitate obtained by filtering a wastewater sample. Further i need to evaluate the P ,N, Mg content in the precipitate. Membrane filter papers get choked easily because of high dissolved and suspended particles in the water sample. Which filter paper will be appropriate for such a use.

  2. Hello,
    This is Dr Taifur from Queen’s University Belfast. Apart from my research in the university, I have consultency in Bangladeshi Pharma. One of my clients asked for a solution for the dispensing of conc, acid (nitric, hydrocloric etc) and bases from bottles with dispenser (bottol-top analog type). If you have such systems could you please give me more information. Volume capacity for dispensing should be (not strictly) 5-100 mL. Thanks a lot

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