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A Hot Wire Thermal Anemometer Ideal for Low Air Flow Applications

The use of anemometers to determine wind speed goes back to the 15th century when hemispherical cup anemometers where used.  From those early designs, several different types have evolved including the vane (windmill or propeller-like), ultrasonic and thermal anemometer.  For the latter, the thermal anemometers, the best-known variation is the hot-wire anemometer which consists of a fine wire maintained at a constant temperature where the heat loss is a result of the velocity relating to the air movement. These hot-wire anemometers have a high sensitivity and good spatial resolution which makes them suited for measuring rapid velocity fluctuations.
The AVM-8880 Hot Wire thermo-anemometer is designed to be suited to measuring lower to mid-air velocities – ideal when carrying out surveys of ventilation/air conditioning, environmental monitoring, and a multitude of other similar tasks. The slim plug-in telescopic wire probe extends to 1 meter with a 9mmØ sensor head which is optimised for use with grill hoods and diffusers. With USB connectivity, real-time anemometer readings on a PC or laptop are possible for accurate monitoring. In addition, this anemometer will retain data and calculate an average reading based on the last 10 readings providing rapid and precise measurements even at low air velocities.


ATP Hot Wire USB Therm- Anemeter

Key Features

  • Can detect very low air velocity measurements
  • A slim probe, ideal for grilles and diffusers
  • Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor
  • Large LCD with a dual display showing both air velocity and temperature simultaneously.
  • Measures air velocity in m/s, km/hr, ft/min, MPH or knots
  • Measures air volume in CFM (ft³/min) or CMM (mᶾ/min)
  • Measures air temperature in ℃ or ℉
  • Data Hold & Min/Max for Airflow and Temperature
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Auto Power Off, can be disabled
  • USB interface for real-time transfer of readings to a PC
  • Mean point (average) over displayed elapsed time

Technical Specifications

Range m/sec ft/min mph km/hr knots m³/min
Minimum 0.1 20 0.2 0.3 0.2 0
Maximum 25 4925 55.8 90 48.5 999.9
Resolution 0.01 1 1 0.1 0.1
Accuracy ±5%
Temp Range 0°C to 50°C, 32°F to 122°F
Accuracy 1°C/1.8°F
Power 1x 9V PP3 alkaline battery (LR-61) or AC/DC mains power adaptor
Dimensions 210 x 75 x 50mm (unit) 0.3 x 1m (probe)



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