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25L Camclean & Camacid withdrawn – new pack offers BETTER price

Save over 5% with the NEW smalller pack
Save over 5% with the NEW smalller pack

Save money and make life easier by switching to our new 10L packs.  Following the withdrawl of the heavy 25L pack Camlab is pleased to announce that we have been able to replace these larger cumbersome packs with our new 5L and 10L pack size. And the great news…is that the price for the new 10L packs offers savings of over 5% on the large pack.

Camclean detergents and Camacid acid rinse are specially formulated for laboratory cleaning and are ideal for giving streak free glassware when used in conjunction with commercial laboratory glasswashers such as Miele lab glasswashers, the Camlab Cub Glasswasher range and the new Smeg GW4060 with forced air dryer unit in a 60cm frame.

The new 10L pack is easier to store, easier to handle avoiding lifting issues and it will save you money as well.

Camlab – Choice, Service, Trust – and great prices!

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