I need to make a simple dilution but i don’t have a lab?

I need to make a simple dilution but i don’t have a lab?

Palintest Dilution Tube

Palintest Dilution Tube

Camlab offer a range of products to make measurement as simple as possible. We supply a range of test kits and water testing for all budgets and applications such as simple test kits or test strips to multiparameter systems to test 100′s of chemical species.

One of the limitations of simple colour based tests is that the response to chemical can be limited to a small range, usually referred to as the linear range of the tests. If your measurement requirements are above this range then the simplest way to get a result is to dilute the sample with clean water until it is the range required by the test.

One way to achieve this is the Palintest Dilution Tube pictured above. Simply add the sample to tube to the line related to the dilution required. Then top up to the top line with clean water.

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