Does the EBI-20 software work on windows 7?

Does the EBI-20 software work on Windows 7?


Ebro EBI 20 datalogger

Ebro EBI 20 datalogger

The EBI-20 dataloggers are a great low cost way to measure temperature and other parameters and get quality data without a huge investement. The logger is battery powered and is dropped into a USB cradle to transfer the data over to a PC. The EBI-20 starter kits are supplied with a logger, a cradle, usb cable and a software disk.

Winlog basic Ebro

Winlog basic Ebro

The software supplied is a version of Ebro long establish WINLOG range of data collection software called WINLOG.BASIC version 2.6 of this software is compatible with Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 versions.

Camlab supply the full range of Ebro products in the UK and worldwide

Contact Camlab for a copy of the software or to upgrade an existing installation.

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