Camlab Ltd celebrates new Government measures to stimulate the growth of employee ownership in the UK economy and local region

Camlab Ltd celebrates new Government measures to stimulate the growth of employee ownership in the UK economy and local region

Finance Bill 2014 Confirms Employee Ownership Incentives

4th April 2014 – Camlab Ltd, experts in scientific equipment and laboratory supplies and member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), the voice of employee owned businesses in the UK, has commended the new tax incentives that come into force on 6th April and are designed to increase the number of employee owned businesses in the UK and local region.

This eagerly anticipated announcement was initially proposed in last year’s Budget, when an investment of £50m per annum was pledged, later increased to £75m per annum, to support the growth of employee ownership. Last week’s Finance Bill officially confirmed that, as of 6th April 2014, any UK business owner who sells a controlling interest to their employees via an employee ownership Trust, will be given Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief on the entirety of the proceeds, effectively an exemption.

Additional employee ownership incentives confirmed in the Finance Bill include the fact that from October 2014, bonus payments made to employees of employee owned companies such as Camlab Ltd and the John Lewis Partnership, in which an employee ownership Trust has a controlling interest, will be exempt from income tax up to a cap of £3,600 per employee per annum.

Additionally, there will be an increase in the maximum value of shares that employees can acquire under all employee Share Incentive Plans (SIP) from 6th April 2014. The individual limits will be increased to£3,600 on the ‘free’ shares companies can award to employees and,

£1,800 on the ‘partnership’ shares employees can purchase. This will be the first such increase for this tax efficient employee ownership scheme in over a decade and the Bill allows for further adjustments of SIP limits to be made in the future by Treasury Order rather than via a Finance Bill.

The EOA and its Members have campaigned long and hard for all of the employee ownership tax incentives outlined in the Finance Bill. The agreed measures signify real tangible support from Government, with a clear recognition of the contribution that employee owned businesses make to the UK economy, which is already over £30bn each year and equates to approximately 4% of GDP.

Rowan Maulder, Marketing Director at Camlab Ltd says: “We are delighted with the new measures and so pleased that the Government recognises the contribution that EO businesses make to the UK economy. We feel that the changes offer real opportunities to the local economy and to our own EO company. We hope that other businesses in the region will utilise these excellent incentives and start to see the benefits that we have seen since moving to an employee owned business structure.”

Iain Hasdell, chief executive of the EOA, explains: “The EOA is delighted with the new measures and we are proud of the leading role we have played in securing them. Employee owned businesses boast a more engaged and productive workforce and deliver greater levels of productivity, innovation and financial performance. Employee ownership is pivotal to long term economic growth in the UK. These new tax incentives will give business owners, especially those considering succession planning, yet further motivation to change the way they shape their business.”

He added: “The measures announced today provide further backing for the EOA’s target of 10% of UK GDP being delivered by employee owned businesses by 2020.

Iain Hasdell concludes: “We are very pleased that Government has listened and has now implemented these incentives. We are looking forward to seeing these new measures help the expansion of employee ownership in the UK.”

As the measures were confirmed, the Employee Ownership Association also announced Employee Ownership Day 2014. Following the success of last year’s event, which the EOA founded to celebrate employee owned businesses and recognise the contribution that they make to the UK economy, EO Day 2014 will be held on Friday 4th July and further details will be announced in due course.

Business owners who wish to find out more about employee ownership can contact the EOA on 01482 667122 or

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About Camlab

About EOA

Recognised by policy makers as the voice of co-owned business in the UK, the Employee Ownership Association is a network of employee owned businesses across every sector of the UK economy.

Formed in 1979, the Association’s role is to serve and represent its member companies, and promote the growth of employee ownership in the UK economy.


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Camlab raise money for two good causes…..


Camlab Customer Services would like to thank all our customers for supporting our two chosen charities in March 2014.


Sport Relief Racks

red dafodil racks small large_teardrop_daffodils

We raised a total of £136.00 for the Great Daffodil Appeal and for Sport Relief.

Watch out for more Camlab sponsored products raising money for good causes.


Heartbleed security problems – Camlab has not been affected

Has Camlab been affected by the recent Heartbleed security problems?

Following the recent news about problems in Open SSL leading to the “Heartbleed” security leak we can confirm that Camlab sites have not been affected as we do not use this type of encryption. Independent verification websites such as LastPass can confirm this.

Are my payments to Camlab secure?

Camlab do not hold any card details. Payment is processed either by SagePay or through Paypal. Both of these companies have issued statements to confirm that they have not been affected by the problems, and that their data is secure. When card payments are made online for website orders or by phone these are processed by SagePay. See the Sage group statement here, and the PayPal statement here.

Can I change my password?

If you wish to change your Camlab password you can do this by logging in and then going to My Account, My profile, then Change Password.

If you have any queries about your orders or account then just contact us

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What solution should I use for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath?

When cleaning in an ultrasonic bath a range of cleaning liquids can be used. These are all formulated for specific applications, so choosing the best one for your requirements will ensure that cleaning is efficient and thorough.

Elmaclean Range of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmaclean Range of Ultrasonic Cleaners

First consider what it is you will be cleaning and what material is it made of?

Many of the cleaning solutions available contain corrosive components to make them effective at removing contaminants, but this can mean they cannot be used with all materials – for example ElmaClean 10 cannot be used with aluminium, magnesium, zinc or alloys.

Next look at what contaminants you are trying to clean off?

The ultrasonic cleaning solutions are all formulated to target different types of contamination (for example to remove rust, grease, oil, oxides…). Selecting the right cleaning solution will ensure that the components are cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

To help you chose which ultrasonic cleaning solution is best for your needs see our range here, consult the applications table here or complete our ultrasonic cleaning questionnaire to receive Camlab’s recommendation.


Mercury Thermometers – new regulations and alternative thermometers

From 10th April 2014 it will become illegal throughout the EU to manufacture or supply mercury glass tube thermometers. This is in line with new European Regulations to reduce the overall circulation of mercury containing products, due to the potential health and environmental effects the metal can have. In line with this change, we have removed mercury thermometers from our product range and you will no longer see these listed on our website.

We do offer a range of alternatives that use alternative fillings – for example the spirit filled range or the Low Toxicity range. These thermometers still cover the same range and accuracy levels you would expect – if you can’t see a thermometer that fits your requirements, then just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Spirit filled Thermometers are a less hazardous alternative to mercury thermometers

Spirit filled Thermometers are a less hazardous alternative to mercury thermometers

There are a few exceptions to this ban – any specification thermometers (e.g. those conforming to set specifications such as ASTM standards, IP standards, or BS standards) will not be subject to the ban.

If you would like to find out more about the thermometers available then see our website or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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What to do if your PFP7 flame photometer isn’t lighting

A question often received by the Technical Support team is what to do if the flame goes out after the ignition switch is released. If you find this is the case, first of all please ensure the burner is the correct way round with the flat side pointing up and the cone pointing into the mixing chamber. The correct orientation is shown in the Fig. 1.

PFP7 figures

Jenway PFP7 flame photometer

The Jenway PFP7 flame photometer has a safety feature that uses a thermocouple to detect if a flame is burning in the instrument. If the flame is extinguished, the thermocouple will detect the reduction in the temperature and will shut off the gas flow. Please ensure that you press the ignition switch for at least 20 seconds or until the FLM display is lit. If the flame does not stay alight after this time you may need to increase to fuel content of the flame by turning the fuel valve anti-clockwise one additional turn.
Another possible solution to this problem is an adjustment to the thermocouple assembly (Fig. 2). The thermocouple may just need moving closer to the flame so that it reaches the temperature where the solenoid is activated to keep the fuel flowing to the burner. However the thermocouple may need to be replaced if it is faulty. Instructions for replacement of this part are given in sections 9.1.2 and 9.1.3 of the operating manual if this is required.

The Jenway PFP7 flame photometer and all of the associated spares and solutions are available from Camlab

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Why is my LCK323 Fluoride result a minus number?





I have a Hach DR3900 and am running their LCK323 Fluoride Kit.

After blanking the instrument the test itself gave a negative value, what is the likely cause?


It sounds like the DR3900 needs updating with the latest software parameters for the DR3900

If you have a USB stick you can get the latest settings from the Hach website:

You will need the last item on the page- DR3900 spectrophotometer version 1.09/08/18 or greater.

Once you have them saved to the flash drive you can download the data to the DR 3900 via its USB port.

LCK323-fluoride cuvette

Further checks you can do:

The blank should be the cuvette with reagent and no sample (not even deionised water) and then the sample. The sample cuvette must be pH 1-11 and 20ºC for full colour development – outside these limits then a poor colour may cause low bias. Dependent on the sample itself, if there are any interferents above the level shown on p1 a low bias could result and as such give a negative reading (a negative reading means there is no fluoride in the sample at all and the absorbance of the sample is lower than the water used to calibrate the photometer).

First pass you should check the expiry date of the reagent is not expired and if OK run a standard at for example 1mg/L and identify if the reagent batch/photometer/pipette is good.

The next pass would be to check that the pipette is giving the correct volumes-if they weigh a fixed volume of water from the pipette, based on a density of 1g/cm3 does the pipette give the correct volume?

The third pass is to run a spike test to identify if there is interferent – if they test the 3ml sample and then run a second cuvette using 1.5ml of sample plus 1.5ml of known standard eg 1mg/L they would expect (0.5x value sample alone + 0.5x value standard) result. If they do not see the correct value there is a chemical interferent in the sample affecting the colour development (it will not identify which and to remove this all they can do is dilute the sample to dilute the interferent and re-run the test then multiply the result by the dilution factor. This however may dilute the fluoride lower than the test can measure.

Was this helpful?  let us know

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Educational Advantage…..

Camlab have always prided themselves on providing products that appeal to customers based on quality and value.

Our Education range is no different, it does what it says on the tin- practical, functional and easy to use, for the convenience of Schools, Colleges and Universities. The more equipment the school can buy with the budget they hold benefits students directly. One top-of-the -range photometer being demonstrated by the tutor is not as beneficial as having one appropriately specified photometer shared between a small group of students. This approach facilitates more hands on time for them and a better understanding of the practical session.

pH Meters

Take for example, pH Meters- We have education line pH meters in both hand held and bench top models, perfectly suited for learning about the measurement of pH/Hydrogen Ion concentration.

EL2-B Portable pHMeter

EL2-B Portable pHMeter

The education line benchtop pH meters have a large easy to read LCD display which can simultaneously display measurement value and temperature.

The icons immediately inform you about the condition of the electrode, whether a measurement is in progress or whether the reading is already stable.

Graphical plots of readings can be transmitted to a printer via the analogue output.

The low-maintenance LE407 plastic electrode, a height-adjustable electrode arm and 4 buffer sachets are included in the kit version.


Benchtop Conductivity Meters

The simultaneous display of measurement value and temperature, with a big, well organized display to provide other helpful information. Icons immediately inform you about whether a measurement is in progress or whether the reading is already stable. The clearly labelled keypad makes operating the meter child’s play. “Read” starts a measurement “Cal” a calibration; with “Setup”, the reference temperature can be easily changed and a temperature correction factor can be entered.

EL30K Conductivity Meter

EL30K Conductivity Meter

The easily cleaned LE703 plastic electrode, a height-adjustable electrode arm and 4 standard bags are included in the electrode kit version. A quick guide, laminated for those occasional spills, is included as standard.

Education Line EL30-B benchtop conductivity meter – Includes EL30 conductivity meter only (no sensor or electrode arm).

Education Line EL30-K benchtop conductivity meter – Includes EL30 conductivity meter and accessories as with the EL30-B plus LE703 conductivity sensor, electrode arm, 2 x 1413µS/cm and 2 x 12.88mS/cm standard sachets.

Waterproof Timers

A water-proof timer suitable for use in wet or harsh working environments. It is ideal for the food trade, laboratories, education and industry. Easy to program and has a high-frequency alarm on expiry of count-down times.

TM-203 Timer

TM-203 Timer

99 min’s 99 sec’s x 1 second, Large 20 mm LCD display, Quick and easy operation with Start, Stop, Reset and numeral keys, Count-down mode with Alarm on expiry

Count-down can be stopped and restarted at any point, Memory to store last count-down time setting, Auto-Repeat function for count-down, Count-up mode until stopped

Cumulative count-up function – count-up can be paused and re-started without losing the cumulative time count, Lithium Battery giving up to 2 years life

All for £10.00

We can help with most items for schools, colleges and Universities, just let us know your requirements

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New Laboffers from Bibby Scientific

Lab offers header

Lab offers header


A new range of Laboffers from Bibby Scientific are available from the Camlab website. Customers in the UK or EU can order using existing terms or with a credit card.

The new offers are

• Free 8 cell changer when you purchase a Jenway 6850 double beam spectrophotometer double beam spectrophotometer.

• Free Stuart heating mantle when you purchase an Stuart SMP30 Advanced Melting Point.

• Purchase a Techne TE-10D digital thermoregulator and receive a free 18 litre stainless steel waterbath.

• Free Electrothermal slide drying bench when you purchase an Electrothermal paraffin wax dispenser.

• Free pack of F7210 needles when you purchase a Techne Sample Concentrator.

• Purchase a Jenway 3520 bench pH meter and receive a free upgrade to a Jenway 3540 bench combined pH and conductivity meter.

• Receive a free stand when you purchase the Stuart SHM2 handheld homogeniser.

All available from the camlab website at the click of a button or contact us for a quote.

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Lifesaver systems bring clean water to over two million people in the Caribbean and Pacific coastal regions..

By kind permission of Lifesaver Systems – working to end water poverty

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