Blue Force Centrifuge has arrived……….

Introducing a new generation of centrifuges. The Blue Force 1L is a brand new centrifuge from MSE designed for routine laboratory use with a wide range of accessories available.

The Blue Force 1L is the successor to the hugely popular Mistral 2000, Harrier 15/80 and Harrier Plus centrifuges. All Harrier accessories including rotors, buckets and adaptors are fully compatible with the Blue Force 1L.

The Blue Force 1L centrifuge represents excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.



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Are you being kept in the dark?

Camlab Blackline Plastics - No more Tin Foil!

Blackline Plastics – No more Tin Foil!

 A range of Storage Solutions for Light Sensitive SamplesHistorically, many Labs have stored valuable photosensitive reagents in natural PP tubes simply wrapped in Tin Foil to “protect” them from light. Camlab offers a new family of products to keep your light sensitive samples, reagents and solutions safe. Unlike amber tinted tubes, these products are completely opaque therefore protecting even the most  light sensitive compounds. Camlab Blackline tubes and boxes eliminate the inconvenience of having to wrap the tubes in aluminium foil to protect samples. Ideal for use with fluorescent probes or ethidum bromide.The entire range is autoclavable and features storage boxes, 0.5 and 1.5ml centrifuge tubes, our unique 5ml preparaton tube as well as standard 15 and 50ml conical centrifuge tubes.Click Camlab Blackline Plastics Range to download a brochure of the full range.

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The new Brady BMP21 Lab and Plus model label printers

The classic Brady BMP21 handheld label printer has been replaced by two specialised models – the BMP21-Lab for laboratories and the BMP21-Plus for industrial environments. Any old cartridges from a BMP21 model are still compatible with the new printers.



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Promotional Offers on PCR Cylcers from Techne

Prime Elite is the new high-performance networkable thermal cycler, equipped as standard with all the latest features including large colour touchscreen, fast ramping, innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer,automatic non-motorised heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. Prime Elite and Prime Elite Satellites can be combined to form a two, three or four block instrument with Satellites controllable from the Prime Elite or a PC. Gradient blocks and 4 year warranty  are included as standard.




The Prime Elite thermal cycler connects to 3 satellites via rear-facing USB ports. Alternatively, Prime Elite Satellites can be controlled by PC. Cables and software are provided as standard. Prime Elite also contains a front-facing USB port which allows easy program transfer between instruments or PC. At least 1000 programs can be stored on each Prime Elite with unlimited storage on USB sticks, ideal for multi-user laboratories.

See the offers here

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New Ebro EBI 300 USB Data Loggers

The new range of EBI300 data loggers from Ebro. High quality Data loggers with a USB interface require no installed software to setup, run or download the data.

Ebro EBI300 series loggers

EBI310 datalogger

Designed to monitor temperature of products such as drugs, serums or other perishable goods during shipment or storage, the Ebro EBI 300 series USB data loggers provides the ability to access data reports in a standard PDF format with all the important data from the logger. This removes the need to invest in specialized software and interfaces, reducing the overall costs. The ability to view data in an automatically created PDF report also provides a unique level of accessibility that minimizes user errors and improves overall efficiency. In addition, data integrity is ensured since no data manipulation is possible. Read the rest of this post »

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The New SevenCompact S210 pH meters for high accuracy with easy operation

Camlab are pleased to offer the new SevenCompact S210 pH meters from Mettler Toledo – a great choice for high accuracy and ease of use.

sevencompact S210

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Palintest ChlordioX™ Plus & ChlordioXense – now US EPA Approved

The ChlordioX Plus method for determining Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite in public drinking water supplies is now a US EPA approved method.

Palintest ChlordioX™ Plus

Palintest ChlordioX™ Plus

The approval, also applicable to the ChlordioXense makes the monitoring of chlorine dioxide quick, simple and precise.

• Rapid analysis for chlorine dioxide resulting in consistent results.
• Simple test procedure requires minimal training.
• Approved and accurate method makes it a great tool in regulatory environments. Read the rest of this post »

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I have a problem with a Hach Dr2000 spectrophotometer?

When the Hach DR2000 is turned on it goes to self test and just continues cycling through without ever stopping. How do I make this stop?

Hach water testing spectrophotometer

Hach Dr2000 Spectrophotmeter

This sounds like an issue with the Hach Dr2000 main PCB or possibly an issue with the power supply where a cable has worn or worked loose.

Camlab has many years of experience servicing Hach products including the Hach Dr2000. We are still able to service and repair these units. However due to their age we would recommend that the unit is replaced with a new model which has better availability of spare parts. Such as the Hach Dr1900 or the Hach Dr3900.

If you are interested in a replacement for a Hach Spectrophotometer including the DR2000, DR2010, DR2400, DR2500 or DR2800 Just let us know on the form below. There are trade in deals available.

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The Burkle solvent mini pump



Mini Solvent pump

Solvent pump mini

The solvent pump mini  is a hand pump for small containers like flasks and canisters up to approx. 5 l.
All parts of the Solvent Pump Mini in contact with the media are made out of high quality stainless steel and PTFE; materials which are known for their outstanding chemical resistance andare ideal for ultra-pure liquids. Made from conductive materials, it is ideal for use with easily flammable liquids e.g. acetone, isopropanol, ethanol etc.

The pump is working on the air over-pressure principle, The pump seals the container airtight; with the handball air will be pressed into the container which presses the liquid out of it. Only the delivery tube and the outlet get in contact with the medium.

This high-quality solvent hand-pump allows filling off a variety of liquids safe and easy in a very simple and comfortable manner out of most diverse containers.

The full range of Burkle products is available from the camlab website – Burkle products. or contact us below



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What are the replacement cuvettes for the palintest compact turbimeter?

Are you looking for replacement vials for the palintest compact turbimeter?

Palintest compact turbimeter

Palintest compact turbimeter

The replacement vials for the palintest compact turbimeter are the same as those used for a wide variety of tests The Part code PL 555. these can be purchased from Camlab on the website or by a conventional PO

See the full range of Palintest products here or contact us on the form below.

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