Grant Instruments launch NEW PCR centrifuge..

Grant Instruments have launched a brand new PCR Centrifuge with vortex mixing:

The new CVP-2 is an all-in-one PCR Centrifuge/vortex mixer that allows for simultaneous sample prep of multiple samples all at one time. It’s versatility stems from being able to hold semi and fully skirted PCR plates with no additional accessories required.

CVP-2 PCR Centrifuge/vortex

CVP-2 PCR Centrifuge/vortex

Key Features:

Applications: CVP-2 All-in-one PCR centrifuge / vortex | Grant Instruments

Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, mixing viscous liquids, or any other method where you need tube vortexing and centrifugation and have many samples, particularly in very small volumes.

More information and a datasheet are available and if you would like a quotation please email

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High range chlorine testing – what are the options?

Higher range chlorine solutions are typically used for disinfecting products but standard chlorine meters often cannot measure to higher ranges.

For example the Hach Pocket Colorimeter II for chlorine measures to a maximum of 2mg/L, and the MD100 Duo for Chlorine measures to a maximum of 8mg/L

There are several instruments available for samples where chlorine levels are high, lets take a look at the options

moving water

Standard chlorine colorimeters often only reach lower ranges, but for high range chlorine there are several options available…

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The SCT1 Temperature Controller – improved accuracy when heating on Stuart hotplates

The SCT1 Temperature Controller is compatible with many of the Stuart hotplate and hotplate stirrer units.

It improves the accuracy of heating by feeding back the actual temperature of the sample and adjusting the hotplate accordingly.

The unit is simple to set up but does include different parts – here we run through the different parts, their functions and the key specifications of the controller

UC152 hotplate stirrer with SCT1 temperature controller

The SCT1 Temperature Controller being used to accurately heat a sample on the UC152 hotplate stirrer

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Can I extend the range of the TPH in Soil kit by dilution?

The pocket colorimeter kit by Hach offers an immunoassay method to measure TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) in soil samples – a useful indicator of petrol pollution or contamination in soil.

For areas of heavy contamination the range of the test can be extended by dilution during the soil extraction step.

Soil Testing Sample

Soil Testing for contamination or pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons

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MANTECH helps drive hydrogen electrolyser research forward…..

MANTECH helps drive hydrogen electrolyser research forward


Scientists at ITM Power in Sheffield rely on an automated MANTECH system to measure the conductivity, fluoride content and pH of the water used in their electrolysers. Eleanor Wallace, Senior Analytical Chemist at ITM Power, explained: “Electrolysers generate hydrogen by the electrolysis of water, and we are looking at ways of improving this process. Ultrapure water is essential, as impurities in the water affect the separation membrane in the electrolyser, decreasing its efficiency. If changes are made to an electrolyser, for example if a different material is used, it is important to make sure that the water quality is maintained and that no impurities have been introduced. To do this, we test water samples throughout the cell’s lifespan, monitoring conductivity, fluoride content and pH.”


ITM Power- Mantech System

ITM Power- Mantech system for multi parameters in 7.5 minutes

“Previously, measurements were performed manually, which was very time consuming and also had the potential for human error. With the MANTECH system, everything is automated and so much quicker. Fluoride analysis alone used to take 10 minutes per sample, but with the MANTECH system we can measure pH, conductivity and fluoride in just 7.5 minutes, including rinsing times. Results are more reproducible, and we can analyse more samples than before, running overnight if necessary. We simply calibrate the system, start the run and walk away.”


For more information, visit



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For more information about all Camlab products, please contact:

Karen Lemon

Camlab, Camlab House, Norman Way Industrial Estate, Over, Cambridge CB24 5WE

Tel: 01954 233 110, Fax: 01954 233 101

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Streamline your Lab purchasing

Ever feel like the day to day purchasing for your lab is taking up too much time?

Making sure you have enough of the everyday essentials like gloves, standards or tubes is important to keep things running smoothly, but keeping on top of re-ordering these basics can take you away from other tasks.

Some studies have found laboratory staff spending 18.5% of their time on admin tasks.

Try these 3 simple ways to streamline your regular ordering, save time and make sure you always have everything you need.

Laboratory gloves - an everyday essential in most labs

Constantly re-ordering essentials like gloves? Spend a little time today setting up a simple way to streamline your lab essentials purchasing to save yourself time and money

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Laboratory Burners without a fixed gas supply

Bunsen burners are required in labs all over the world for a range of tasks, but for buildings without a fixed gas supply and gas taps, the Fuego SCS range of burners by WLD Tec offer a great alternative.

Available in basic and pro versions, the Fuego SCS burners can be run on small portable gas cylinders as well as standard gas supplies.

Read on to see the burners in use in the videos below

Fuego SCS Basic Lab Burner

The Fuego SCS burners can be operated on portable gas cylinders and be used in place of traditional bunsen burners for tasks like sterilising loops for microbiological work

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What specification thermometers are available, and what are the differences?

Thermometers are used in most laboratories across all industries, and a wide range are available to suit any temperature monitoring task.

For high accuracy applications that need to adhere to international standards, traditional glass specification thermometers are still the most popular choice.

glass thermometers collection

Traditional glass thermometers are widely used when adhering to international standards is necessary

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The new 5 Decimal Place Analytical Balance (and how you can try one out!)

Analytical balances are an essential tool in most laboratories where they are relied on for a range of jobs from preparing standards, weighing out accurate amounts of reagents or materials through to calibrating pipettes.

The new Explorer Semi-Micro range from Ohaus offer ultra high precision 5 place balances, for readability down to 0.01mg, as well as a range of other features to ensure accurate and precise weighing.

You can now try before you buy on any model in the range, and take a closer look at one of these balances in your own lab…

Explorer Semi Micro balance with touchless automatic door opening

Automatic opening doors via touchless sensors and a built in ionizer to reduce static electricity and increase accuracy are just some of the options available on the new Explorer Semi-Micro range

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Camlab Microscope finds its way home after 60 years!!

This lovely old microscope was provided to the Cambridge University Department of Zoology by us in the mid 1950’s and was spotted by one of our employees whilst loading our ebay shop, Camlab Outlet

The scope is in remarkable condition and the only signs of age are small rust spots on the hinges of the case. The case also has the original badge residing on the inside of the door:  “Supplied by CAMLAB (Glass) Ltd CAMBRIDGE”. It even has the original accessories and mounting mediums in the wooden drawer shown below.

Camlab's 50's Microscope

Camlab’s 50’s Microscope

The microscope was listed with some interesting anecdotal information:

This microscope was provided to the University Department of Zoology by CAMLAB, a famous Cambridge company which began as glassblower’s.

Robert Hirsch who founded CAMLAB refused to use a hearse for his funeral. His coffin was transported in the family firms van!

On winding up the business he left the profits in trust for the benefit of the workforce.

Read more about the Hirsch trust here.

Camlab Demo-Van 1950

Camlab Demo-Van 1950


Camlab are thrilled to have bought the microscope back, and it will be on display in our foyer as a reminder of past times when Camlab started providing laboratory equipment as well as hand blown glassware to our customers.

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